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Art & Creative Courses that brighten your world

Whether you want to get creative yourself or bring art into your home, one thing is certain;

Art gives color to life, inspires, gives comfort and energy!

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Art with a heart for color and design, gives your home soul! Made by Sasja Cappendijk with love.

Let's get Creative!

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Abstract Painting

Is there a rebel in you who wants to make authentic abstract art ?!

Develop your painting skills and enjoy what grows under your hands in this mini course, the starting shot for beginning painters and a boost for advanced students.

Image by Kaizen Nguyễn

Tekenen in het Pakhuis

​Dé tekencursus waarbij je je tekenplezier nieuw leven inblaast, je tekening WOW geeft door te oefenen met techniek, je met frisse blik leert observeren en waar je ruimte krijgt voor persoonlijke expressie. Aanvang september 2023, locatie Pakhuis te Cuijk.

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The Artist's Way

Zit jouw creativiteit in een donker hoekje te wachten tot jij de ramen open gooit? In de cursus The Artist's Way ga je creatief aan de slag met inspirerende en transformerende tools en gun je jouw creativiteit grenzeloze vrijheid! VOL


It had to change course! After a phase of creative cramp and an intensive search further, I'm determined and super excited to go all the way for my passion; Art and Creativity. Love to work solo and enjoy the group dynamics during the workshops. Sharing the creative fire together during the course The Artist's Way and Abstract Painting are like magical power moments!

Along the way in life, I have gained knowledge and experience from various artistic ponds that are too precious to keep for myself. Whether you make art yourself or are a spectator; art gives energy! Art creates connection, provides comfort, has a healing force and makes you happy. I am convinced that creativity is something we all naturally have within us. My aim is that we approach our creative abilities more freely, playfully and more relaxed. Let's bring more color into the world! Let's Create!




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