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5-part mini course

Is there a rebel hiding in you who wants to make authentic art? Do you feel like working abstractly and expressively and moving outside the lines ?!

Develop your painting skills and enjoy what grows under your hands. This mini course of 5 workshops, is the starting shot for beginning painters and a boost for advanced students.


Yes! good news, let's get started! see planning

Painting from the spontaneous and abstract approach to mark-making is very different from classical painting lessons. Central to this mini course is working from markers. The course creates space for play with material, color and tools. We work on our personal courage, movement and spontaneity. There are no rules in abstract art, but many useful principles that give your work that extra dimension such as composition, tone and color. We pay attention to this in the workshops.

Whether you are a novice painter or have been for a while, this will help you embrace your personal intuition and discover new possibilities. Are you in for this adventurous course and can't wait to dive into the paint? You're welcome!

JA - YES - OUI     Expats and other language speakers are also welcome, I speak Dutch, English, French.

Abstract schilderen
Abstract schilderen

Abstract Schilderen
Abstract Schilderen


Abstract schilderen
Abstract schilderen



Ready to let loose ?! Exuberant or subdued, it's all possible in this course, it's your "me-time".


Sasja Cappendijk

Artist | Creative Facilitator

I look forward to dive into the paint and making art with you. My artistic background gives me many skills to support you. I was trained at the Design Academy Eindhoven and Art Academy Arendonk. Learn more?


I hope to share my creative enthusiasm with you soon!


Sasja Cappendijk

Covid and Art

Creative interaction, group dynamics, feedback, encouragement, inspiration ..... it all adds to the pleasure of creating and feeling happy. I too want to open my studio for you as safely as possible. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

- The studio is spacious. To ensure that space, I work with small groups

- Various hygiene measures are taken.

- Dates are subject to rivm guidelines. Data can possibly. shifted / canceled.

- If no progress can take place, the remaining amount will be refunded.


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