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Your powers want to breathe again! With your limitation, your potential, the tides of your emotions and changes. 

Stuck, standing still, lack of light. The moment when you feel that something may happen. Do what your heart tells you - but what is that again? Creativity is that mysterious potential that makes us human.  When we express ourselves, we activate our inner balance. It gives you your space (back), it lets your own wisdom speak (again) and brings out your inner self. You communicate! And although creativity is our nature - it needs a little extra attention every now and then to be able to work again. Intelligence goes hand in hand with creativity. It gives you direction, it is your guide. 

Re-acquaint yourself with this driving force within you. 

You work in 7 meetings  from different perspectives to "remember and embrace yourself again".

From there you reconnect with yourself, your immediate environment and your living conditions.  


Your (inner) voice  †  the power of song & sound  † by Monique Appels  † March 20, 1-4 p.m.

your mind power  † using yoga nidra  †  by Miranda Schutten  †  April 3rd 10am-1pm.

Ritual  †  shape your turning point  †  by GerJan vd Kamp  † 16 April 2-5 pm.

dance |  your body speaks volumes | by Karien Pieterse  † May 1 10am-1pm.

image power  †  let shape and color speak   † by Sasja Cappendijk  † 15 May 10-13h.

Live and All your life  †  two sides of this life  †  by Anita Kooij  †  May 29 10am-1pm.

Universal energy  †  you and the whole |  Karien Pieterse & Monique Appels  †  June 12 10am-1pm.


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