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Have you moved into your cocoon in the meantime to never get out, or can't you wait to take part in outdoor activities? I have good news for the second group! I offer the following individual workshops for 2 or 3 people (it is best to register together , if possible). If you wish to come with more people, please contact me to discuss the possibilities. The workshops are given in my studio in Nijmegen. The studio is spacious and keeping a distance is no problem. We take the rivm measures and each other into account. On request you can follow the workshop a morning or afternoon as desired. Do you long to get away from it all and get creative? Request a workshop and together we plan how, what and when.



Schilderen met lef.jpg

Painting from the abstract point of view of mark-making. Room for experimentation and discovery . We use different techniques and materials to achieve an end result. With these techniques, experimenting in freedom is paramount, whereby your personal painting gradually unfolds.

Duration: 2.5 hours € 37.50 pp



ZenDrawing is a relaxed and accessible drawing workshop. In this workshop you will make an individual drawing. By putting repetitive motifs on paper line by line in a flow, surprising images are created. During this workshop, various motifs will be discussed and you will also be challenged to use your own imagination. Drawing experience not necessary.

Duration: 2.5 hours € 37.50 pp  


Experience the power of visual language in this workshop SoulCollage® . Intuitively chosen images shape your SoulCollage® cards by cutting, tearing and pasting. These homemade collage cards often give you deep, special and beautiful insights during the SoulCollage® process. SoulCollage® is a true voyage of discovery and a workshop with depth.

Duration: 3 hours. € 45.00 pp


Creating a VisionBoard is not only fun, but you also take the time to focus on your subconscious, dreams and desires. A vision board is a large personal collage that visualizes what is important to you. This creative in-depth workshop allows you to reflect on what really gives you that sparkle in your life. A visionboard makes visible your desires, anchors and goals and helps you support them in a magical way (law of attraction).

The workshop lasts for 2 x 2.5 hours, and will be divided over 2 days. € 75 pp



Bij de workshop kunstcollage ligt de nadruk op het maken van een artistiek kunstwerkje. Collage is een fantastische kunstvorm, waarbij de kunstenaar gebruik maakt van uitgeknipte of gescheurde stukken papier en/of ander materiaal, die met lijm op een steviger drager, bij voorbeeld papier of canvas geplakt worden. Ik zet mijn kennis in om jou en je groep te begeleiden. Een inspirerende opdracht kan eventueel in overleg afgestemd worden op de groep. 

​Deze workshop duurt 3 uur. €35,- p.p

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