Have you moved into your cocoon in the meantime to never get out, or can't you wait to take part in outdoor activities? I have good news for the second group! I offer the following individual workshops for 2 or 3 people (it is best to register together , if possible). If you wish to come with more people, please contact me to discuss the possibilities. The workshops are given in my studio in Nijmegen. The studio is spacious and keeping a distance is no problem. We take the rivm measures and each other into account. On request you can follow the workshop a morning or afternoon as desired. Do you long to get away from it all and get creative? Request a workshop and together we plan how, what and when.



Schilderen met lef.jpg

Painting from the abstract point of view of mark-making. Room for experimentation and discovery . We use different techniques and materials to achieve an end result. With these techniques, experimenting in freedom is paramount, whereby your personal painting gradually unfolds.

Duration: 2.5 hours € 37.50 pp



ZenDrawing is a relaxed and accessible drawing workshop. In this workshop you will make an individual drawing. By putting repetitive motifs on paper line by line in a flow, surprising images are created. During this workshop, various motifs will be discussed and you will also be challenged to use your own imagination. Drawing experience not necessary.

Duration: 2.5 hours € 37.50 pp  


Experience the power of visual language in this workshop SoulCollage® . Intuitively chosen images shape your SoulCollage® cards by cutting, tearing and pasting. These homemade collage cards often give you deep, special and beautiful insights during the SoulCollage® process. SoulCollage® is a true voyage of discovery and a workshop with depth.

Duration: 3 hours. € 45.00 pp


Creating a VisionBoard is not only fun, but you also take the time to focus on your subconscious, dreams and desires. A vision board is a large personal collage that visualizes what is important to you. This creative in-depth workshop allows you to reflect on what really gives you that sparkle in your life. A visionboard makes visible your desires, anchors and goals and helps you support them in a magical way (law of attraction).

The workshop lasts for 2 x 2.5 hours, and will be divided over 2 days. € 75 pp