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Je eigen kunstwerken maken, hoe leuk is dat! Daar hoef je echt geen kunstervaring voor te hebben want ik help je graag op weg. In een ontspannen setting creatief aan de slag, spelen met kleur, vorm en beeld, dat is toch een feestje?! Ik zet mijn jarenlang ervaring in om jou te begeleiden, geef je tips en zorg voor fijn materiaal. 

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 "Collage technique" is an artistic technique to design artworks with paper and mixed media. 

A collage is an artform in which the artist uses cut or torn pieces of paper and/or other materials, which are glued to a stronger support, for example paper or canvas. In addition to paper, the materials used can be: clippings from magazines, parts of  photographs, drawings, painted or printed paper or fabric. The collage can also be the basis for further work with paint, ink or other materials. 

The word "collage" comes from French, which means to glue/stick.

Collage offers endless space for your creativity. It allows you to position your clippings until you're happy about your composition. A strong composition depends on the way elements are put together. In doing so, you pay attention  to contrasts, dimensions, rhythm, texture, shape and colour. 

Within given exercises you learn to create a strong visual image.  

Personally I love to work with collage technique. In the Art-Collages lessons the emphasis is on creating strong compositions that yield a fascinating image area.  Making art collages is certainly not to be confused with scrapbooking, soul collage(r) or vision board, where collage techniques are also used. These forms are  more decorative or have personal development as goal, a completely different starting point.  I'm also familiar with these techniques, but they are not applicable in this course.  In the Art Collages course, we are focussed on creating artistic collages. And making your own works of art, how great is that?!

Are you curious and can't wait to get started?  Then I would like to welcome you to this TRY OUT! Limited number of places available, so don't wait too long.

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Content: 5 lessons

When: Friday morning from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m

Dates:  May 13, May 20,  May 27, June 3, June 10

Location: Atelier SasArtCreation, General de Bonskazerne, General de Bonsweg 1 , 5363 ST GRAVE-VELP
Ground floor, building A
Entrance and parking in front of building A


Participation: Reduced try-out rate for 5 lessons in total €100

Sign up by emailing your details via the button below.  

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