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In recent weeks I have been able to work on The Artist Way together with a nice group of people. It is difficult to estimate in advance what working with this book, the group and the magical guidance of Sasja will bring you, but it was unparalleled. In all areas of life it has brought me a lot more creativity and pleasure as well as insight into how I sabotaged certain creative processes in the past. I have regained courage and confidence and joy. Sasja is a true artist who dedicates herself with heart and soul to our creative process. Surprising assignments and various working methods and use of materials ensure that you find and appreciate your inner artist again.

~ Josien

I have experienced the course as very pleasant! Sasja has an inviting and accessible way of guiding. The atmosphere was nice; humor, space to share and go into depth and then back to work! Super! Thank you very much.

~ Mary

I really liked it! It has set things in motion again. If you feel like you are not moving forward, if you miss the inspiration, if you just want something different, but you don't know exactly what… I recommend it. An enormous challenge, a source of inspiration, art of living and zest for life! Develop more confidence in my creativity. I can now move forward again. Being busy and making beautiful things. Sasja shows respect for everyone's own way of working, for everyone's own process. Everything is allowed, nothing must! I am very grateful for this! Thank you Sasja!

~ Annet Poelen

I enjoyed the course with Sasja. The creative exercises allowed me to get out of my head completely and experience delightful creative flow. After a workshop, I always felt a little bit lighter. What appealed to me was the personal approach, where there was room to share experiences with each other. It felt like a pleasant environment in which I could practice letting go of my perfectionism and allowing the creative process to develop naturally. Something I find difficult, but which the course certainly helped me with! The assignments were fun and challenging, the small group was great and Sasja's guidance was very pleasant. I would definitely recommend this course!


This course has brought me a lot. I have noticed that there is creativity in me that I never thought possible. I enjoyed the exercises during the workshops and the homework a lot. After the workshops I went home with a smile on my face and a relaxed feeling.

Sasja teaches the course with enthusiasm and humor. She gives directions in a natural way without insisting. She provides a safe environment. Thank you very much, I enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to the artist flow!

~ Yvonne

I experienced the course as an expanding, deepening and creative period of giving more expression to myself; look at myself with more confidence, with more courage, with more compassion.

I am very enthusiastic about the way Sasja guided us; pure and credible, taking into account the corona measures, but also tea, sweets, warmth, ventilation, attention to everyone, good materials, sufficient space and an invitation to share. I found the creative exercises very beautiful, surprising and varied.

In my opinion, we had a good connection as a group from the start. I felt free and safe.

~ Annemieke


If you are in calm waters, the rippling is going well and you think; come let me do a fun creative course!

That you will investigate together, play and in a few weeks you will end up in chaos, the creativity will flow and you will have creative expressions that you never imagined. That you are full of new fun ideas that you all want to do. Old creative explosions bubble up again and ask to be picked up. That your world suddenly becomes more colorful, fuller, more intense.

And when you come to a conclusion together and notice what it has brought you, you want to hold on, continue in the safety of the warm bed .. luckily there is the artist flow! with kind regards!

~ Pauline

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