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Let's celebreate creativity! The foundation of our human existence. Creativity opens doors of fantasy,  gives expression to our inner being, she connects, energizes, provides us insights, stimulates perception, intuïtion, innovation and flexibility. In short,  our right brain half. About time pay more attention to it!
Fortunately, creativity is something we all have in us!
SasArtCreation has a varied selection of workshops for both groups and individuals.
Our workshops help you to develop your personal creativity and use it within a team as a connecting and innovative factor.
Discover our varied offer in workshops!
In Art I Can; express, connect, create, reflect...!
The Artist's Way.jpg

The Artist's Way

Zit jouw creativiteit in een donker hoekje te wachten tot jij de ramen open gooit? In de cursus The Artist's Way ga je creatief aan de slag met inspirerende en transformerende tools en gun je jouw creativiteit grenzeloze vrijheid


Individual creative workshops

Fancy a creative in-depth outing? I temporarily offer various separate workshops for mini groups of 2 to 3 people. See offer.

Onderweg in 't leven, heb ik kennis en ervaring vergaard uit verschillende artistieke vijvers, die te kostbaar is om voor mijzelf te houden. Want of je nu zelf kunst maakt of toeschouwer bent; kunst geeft energie, schept verbinding, werkt helend en maakt gelukkig. Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat creativiteit iets is wat we allen in ons hebben van nature. Mijn streven is dat we vrijer, speelser en meer ontspannen omgaan met onze creatieve vermogens.  Laten we meer kleur in de wereld brengen! Let's Create!


Workshop Interactive ZenDrawing/ ZenPainting

What a pleasure to create a joint Artwork together! During the ZenDrawing Workshop we work with markers and colored pencils on sturdy paper. The drawing consists of spaces that will be filled with various motifs and colors. I regularly offer inspiration to get the creative engine going.  The variety of motifs, personal inspiration and creativity ultimately form a coherent work of Art.
During the ZenPainting Workshop we use paint and work on canvas or sturdy cardboard. The emphasis here is more on color and decorative work.
This workshop lasts 2 hours.
Price on request.
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