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Visie op Creativiteit

Along the way in life, we often lose faith in creativity. Our inner artist child has suffered trauma. Creative discoveries are brutally subject to a set of requirements. As soon as you give it a try, a thousand inner tormentors raise their voice and your fresh intention is bogged down in a barren desert.



But we are missing out if we leave it like this! If we no longer dare to take risks and dare to get out of our comfort zone. Creativity gives color to life, makes everything so much more intense! Making art is not about painting a beautiful picture, but about connecting with yourself and with others, pushing boundaries, discovering, playing, expression, healing and feeling happy!


It takes a dose of guts to show yourself to the world. We often fill in what others think of us and our work. But the fact is ... we don't know sh*t about it and neither should we letting it slowing us down, right? Let's finally clear our obstacles! We do not have to and cannot possibly please everyone. Besides, we have no control over that anyway. What we do have control over is how and whether we stir up our creativity into a burning fire.


I know from experience that this is quite difficult on your own. My creative "healing journey" started a few years ago with the discovery of "The Artist's Way". Although I have a creatively laced background, I was stuck for a while and it influenced everything. By becoming more aware of the way creative process works, I feel empowered. My enthusiasm about our creative gift is so vast  that I would be delighted to guide you on your creative adventure!

creative flow


I have experienced the workshops that I followed at Sasja as enormously inspiring. There is a warm atmosphere. Sasja guides enthusiastically and gives you confidence in your own creativity.

Annet Dorsman

How wonderful it is to work with a group of like-minded creatives, discover new possibilities and express yourself!

I followed a SoulCollage workshop with Sasja, a beautiful and special experience


Marianne the Friend

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